Januari jobs :

A communication campaign and marketing tools for Belgian retailers, about the new collection of a Dutch manufacturer.
The announcement of the first Belgian edition of a Dutch event.
The website of a new agency.
Marketing material about various events (sales presentations, seminar programs, press releases, quotes, advertorials, ...)
Paper about coco oil and cholesterol reduction.
Paper about a study of the health of Tokelau's population.
Paper about the plastic pollution of the seas.
Newsletter, presentations, SMS, trainings, marketing tools for a network marketing company.
Website of a wellness equipment retailer.
Legal cooperation agreement between a producer and a new distributor.
Packaging of chemicals.
Invitations for a workshop and product presentation.
Press release about social tracking at a major Belgian event.
Communication campaign about the new product for the business customers of a telecom operator.
Communication campaign about the new marketing action of a HR support agency.
Invitation to the annual party of a major services company.
Marketing tools for a promotional action of an industrial service provider.
Social tracking tool for a major car manufacturer.
Fact sheets and press releases about the products of two new collection of cosmetics.
Customer communication to announce the change of name of an assistance service.

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