The happy translator...

It has been a great Fall ! ... and it really didn't hurt ;)
a new place to work (at Flex OFie'S) near home/shool but without traffic jam - an efficient move saving me a lot of quality time,a new amazon... uuuh amazing customer ;) and a lot of writing and translations about : o yeeey "chocolate" !! mmmmmmh,an interesting and productive partnership,new coworkers i can't wait to meet, and so many little joys ! Life is good !

Fie Lamoriniere.COM - Editie & Vertalingen FRANS - Copywriting & Translations FRENCH

Zo druk bezig, en zo gelukkig ... Veel vertaalwerk, websites, catalogussen, corporate communicatie, presentaties, ... Interessante inhoud, fijne samenwerkingen, tevreden klanten, ... what else ?
Recent ook 'carte blanche' gekregen en een hele communicatie-laag mogen bedenken voor de Franse markt met een zeer tevreden 'gele schelp' als gevolg... wat eerst een beperkt try-out moest zijn wordt plots in heel het land toegepast, en de klant blijft vragen achter nieuwe copy's. Heel leuk om te doen en veel voldoening om enthousiast feedback te mogen ontvangen van zo'n groot merk.

Naast het vertaalwerk open ik in september een CoWorking ruimte : Flex OFie'S - CoWorking Kalmthout - een ideale gelegenheid om samen te werken met andere freelances !

Volg mij ook via de Facebook pagina FlexOFieS - CoWorking Kalmthout!

Translations from Englisch & Correction/Edition/Writing to French
Vertalingen vanuit het Nederlands & Correctie/Revisie/Redactie naar het Frans

Looking back... what a year !

Updating my portfolio today...
Lucky me, working for great brands, products and people !
In October only, 5 brands are publishing my work ! Some on tv, some on radio, some both, ... but also billboards, facebook, prints, ...
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on the job

editing bank terms #legal #financial #terminology #lovemyjob #copywriter #translator #businessmom


I started the #translation of the book, a vision about how #mindset has an impact on experiencing the #changes and on our reactions to changes. Worked further on a few campaigns for a #socialoffice, an #outdoorequipmentstore. Translated more content for the websites of a delicious #flavouredbeer, #holidayhouses rentals and a #jacuzzi retailer.

June's jobs :

A lot of work before summer begins.
New brands in need of fresh copy's, a.o. : a new belgian beer and a new SUV...
Very nice brands to work for !
I also delivered the content of the new website of the first flavoured beer in the world and more copywriting for various b2b customers.
I spent a few days in Gothenburg, Sweden, to learn more about car construction and intelligent vehicles, and enjoy a little bit of swedish gastronomy and shopping of course.
And yes, I'm still in the shortlist for a PT job in the oldest bank of Belgium...

On the job...

Last week was all about #biosourcedpackaging ... and how to configurate your #jacuzzi !
I also spent a few hours on papers on how to #findajob, the #ideal job, the #bestpaid functions and the #ultimateCV, and realised I was having a ball with translations and copywriting and my career - so far - was a dream...
I was asked to think about interesting opportunities like the translation of another #book this summer,  a regular copywriter-assignment in a #bank and a study for the University of Tilburg about #entrepreneurship.