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October jobs

Above the line : RADIO campaign for a telecom operator / TV & PRESS campaign and other material for a car company / TV & RADIO campaign for a new product of a telecom operator / TV advertising of "the" new smartphone / press release about the new summer collection of a cosmetics and home and relaxation wear brand Below the line : newsletter, article and testimonials for the website of a fair-trade retailer / mailings and newsletters for a service company / survey, mailings and folders for an event organisator / business presentation for the HQ of a communication agency / SMS, invitations, mailings, presentation and business plan of a service company / Facebook posts for a union / Printed advertising and contest for a wholesaler / magazine for a union branch / contest communication, terms and conditions regarding "the" new smartphone for a telecom operator / new website for a organic fertilizer manufacturer /

#expression #uitdrukking

Niet al je geld op éénzelfde paard zetten (Ne pas miser tout son argent sur le même cheval) = Niet alle eieren in hetzelfde mandje leggen Ne pas mettre tous ses oeufs dans le même panier = Ne pas tout accrocher au même clou (Niet alles aan dezelfde nagel hangen)

#expression #uitdrukking

Voorzichtigheid is moeder van de porseleinkast  (Prudence est mère de l'armoire à porcelaine)  =  Ne pas chasser un chien sans savoir qui est son maître 
 (Een hond niet wegjagen zonder te weten wie de eigenaar is)

September jobs :

Above the line : tv and billboard campaign for a mobile operator / tv campaign for the new service of a mobile operator / tv campaign for a new rate-package / content for the website of a fairtrade retailer / press release for a B2B event / printed campaign for a mobile operator / slogans for a mobile operator / content for the website of a major clothing store / Below the line : newsletters for a mobile operator company / VIP invitations for the launch of a new car / baseline for a business service company / business presentation about the marketing services of an event organisator / communication about the new collection of a major clothing store / contest and invitation to the launch of most wanted smartphone for a mobile operator / flyers, mailings, letters, testimonials for an event organisator / newsletter, Facebook posts and mailings for a union / menu of an event / invitations for the re-launch event of a company