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On the job...

Last week was all about #biosourcedpackaging ... and how to configurate your #jacuzzi ! I also spent a few hours on papers on how to #findajob, the #ideal job, the #bestpaid functions and the #ultimateCV, and realised I was having a ball with translations and copywriting and my career - so far - was a dream... I was asked to think about interesting opportunities like the translation of another #book this summer,  a regular copywriter-assignment in a #bank and a study for the University of Tilburg about #entrepreneurship.

one more happy client...

#thankful for this  customer's reaction when i agreed to translate and deliver 'right away' at 10 P.M.:   " Er zijn nog zekerheden in deze wereld… Thx! "     ( There still are certainties in this world... Thanks! ) #lovemyjob

Delivered this week :

- more hot tub installation manuals  - the subtitling of an interesting documentary for Netflix  - a 'buzzfeed' article that you'll probably see appear very soon on your facebook wall  - the press release and the invitation to the laying of the foundation stone of a new theme park  - labels and security data sheets for a new chemical preparation - a paper about the carreer ladder  - a reminder mailing for a business event